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Trade in afrika

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About us

Doing things the old-school way is our key to survival and prosperity; no debate there. When our people were conditioned to wait for the ‘AID’ and let go of their traditions, we knew it was time to step up and bring a change.  

Trade in Afrika is a patriotism-driven project aimed to empower local farmers and traders. When we support local produce and bring good-quality products to the table, we can beat hunger and improve our lives. .

From bringing local farmers to one platform to understanding their concerns and solving them, Trade in Afrika is here to do it all. Our mission to educate small farmers and support the local economy reflects in our crystal-clear trade policy. 

We provide fresh consumables and Made-in-Africa products for the locals and uplift Africa’s economy in return – it’s that simple.

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What we do

Transforming our beautiful Africa through Inter-African and International Agricultural Trading.

made in africa
Locally processed and manufactured raw products in Africa

Grown in africa
Locally farmed and cultivated raw products in Africa

support your Africa
20% of all profits from Trade In Afrika is reinvested in Africa through our charity program (TradeInAfrika.org) and other charities.

“This year we are looking to high yielding  Soybeans and Corn, thanks to finding good quality seeds from Trade in Ghana.”

“I LOVE the platform! Your support has been extremely helpful. We are a small agricultural company and are very fortunate to know that there is a such a platform that we can always go to to find agro-processor clients who are looking for quality raw produce. I am recommending your platform to all our Ghanaian farmers and agro processors .”