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Afro on our Minds


Every single penny donated goes towards development of African socities.

Donate for Africa

The basic necessities of life are lacking for millions of people in parts of Africa. In addition to the flourishing economies in many parts of Africa, some areas including East Africa and parts of Sub-Saharan Africa still lack adequate access to food, clean water, and healthcare. By donating, you will help with African aid and establish programs for communities on the continent.

Shop for Africa

Purchasing from Self Help Africa directly contributes to this organization's mission to alleviate poverty in rural Africa by teaching farmers to earn more from their land and small businesses through access to education, finance, and improved markets.


20% of all Our profits go Back to Africa

Small-scale farmers and small-scale agro-processors face a lot of challenges and only Africans can help ourselves out of this situation by selling in Africa and buying from Africa!