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About Our Company

Doing things the old-school way is our key to survival and prosperity; no debate there. When our people were conditioned to wait for the ‘AID’ and let go of their traditions, we knew it was time to step up and bring a change.

Trade in Afrika is a patriotism-driven project aimed to empower local farmers and local traders. When we support local produce and bring good-quality products to the table, we can beat hunger and improve our lives.

From bringing local farmers and agro-processors ( local traders) to one platform to understanding their concerns and solving them, Trade in Afrika is here to do it all. Our mission to educate them and support the local economy reflects in our crystal-clear trade policy.


We provide fresh consumables and Made-in-Africa products for the locals and uplift Africa’s economy in return - it’s that simple.


Trade in Afrika is an inclusive portal to address the farmers’ and local business' concerns and provide reliable digital business solutions. Since keeping up with the ever-changing trading horizon is challenging for local farmers, Trade in Afrika steps in to simplify this process for everyone. 

We onboard farmers who want to sell their produce, supply their products to the retailers or local businesses and make fresh consumables accessible for the masses. No more importing or waiting required; we bring Africans on one page to change their economic condition. 

Africa’s betterment is in our hands; when we become independent in our trade and farming, we can make better use of our agricultural land. Our farmers were made to believe that looking for a helping hand is their only resort, but not anymore. 

Trade in Afrika’s core objective is to enable farmers, agro-processors, and manufacturing companies to become independent. We want our farmers to know their worth and power without making them go through the tedious cycle of import-export. When small-scale African farmers join hands, they can bring big changes to their country’s food chain and economy. 

Apart from educating and empowering local producers, our long-term objective is to strengthen Africa as a unit. 20% of the profit we make from Trade in Afrika goes back to the region’s betterment via our charity program. is a charity organization investing in people’s betterment by bringing new skills and sustainable agriculture practices to the table. 

Our patriotism and the mission to make Africa independent in all aspects is evident from the support we relay to locals. Trade in Afrika is here for everyone, from skillful artisans to farmers and those who wish to donate. 

The supportive sellers and buyers in our community are Trade in Afrika’s backbone. These devoted people strengthen our charity foundation by increasing our footprint and bringing new people to the community.

Loved World Wide

Our Mission

To give backyard farming a full-fledged welcome back in Africa - the way it used to be back in the day. When every family has a food reserve in their yard, we don’t have to depend on any aid or import. We want Africans to grow local, buy local, and support local.

Loved World Wide

Our Vision

To establish a comprehensive trading portal for farmers and retailers interested in upscaling their businesses. From local manufacturing entities to small-scale farmers, Trade in Afrika is on a mission to become everyone’s trusted service.

Ready to bring Africa’s old glory back? Then let’s…


Grown In Africa - Made In Africa


20% of all Our profits go Back to Africa

Small-scale farmers and small-scale agro-processors face a lot of challenges and only Africans can help ourselves out of this situation by selling in Africa and buying from Africa!