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DIY: Make a Stylish Container Veggie Garden

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Container veggie gardens used to be something people worked on to make sure they had all the right plants and herbs they needed on hand all the time. But in the past few years, there’s been a shift. Today, they’re not only a kitchen essential but also serve as a style statement! On top of that, growing your own container vegetable garden can be highly therapeutic. All of that makes them perfect for every home! 

In this post, we’re going to be going over some of the best ways to make your vegetable garden function well while also looking super stylish! So you can add a touch of green to your home and benefit from it at the same time! 

While a uniform, one-level look can be great, to make your container veggie garden look more interesting, mix things up! Get some raised beds that are super high off the ground and some that are lower. That way, things will look a lot more natural and appealing to the eye!

#2: Focus on the color 

Even if you’re just growing veggies in your garden, there are a lot of color opportunities you can play around with. Mix up bright and vibrant veggies with those that are subtle and green! Tomatoes, bell peppers, lemons, there’s so much you can work with!

#3: Layer up everything

A lot of people forget that just because it’s a “container veggie garden” doesn’t mean that everything needs to be in containers on the ground. You can add layering too! Use hanging pots for the plants that grow downwards, and help climbing plants climb where you want them to—adding layers throughout while promoting maximum growth!

#4: Use the planters right 

The veggies aren’t the only way to make things look nice in your veggie garden. You can also use the planters to your full advantage! Mix up the colors of the planters and add lots of different textures here like straw, stone, clay, and concrete to create a beautiful, stylish veggie garden! 

Let your creativity run wild!

While all of the tips we’ve mentioned above are a great place to start with, there’s always room for your own touch. To really make your container veggie garden shine, make sure you’re letting your creativity run wild, so you can add a personal touch all over the place and really make it your own! 

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