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How to Create Your Own Food Forest

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You know that feeling you get when you’re about to cook, only to realize that there’s that one ingredient that you forgot to get? Well, that would never be a problem if you were growing your own food in your own food forest! 

That might seem like something for the experts, but that’s not the case. Anyone can grow a food forest, whether they’re right in the middle of a busy city or living totally off the grid. The whole process is super simple, and once the forest grows, it takes care of itself! 

Here’s how you can create your own food forest!


How to Create Your Own Food Forest

There are lots of different types of food forests, but here’s how you can go about creating your own! 

#1: Figure out your needs. 

The first aspect of growing a food forest is figuring out why you’re growing it. Do you want lots of herbs? Are fruits the most important thing you need? Or flowers? Maybe you want all of the above, so whatever your needs are, figure them out before you get started. 

#2: Make sure the plants you want work for your area

Food forests work because all of the plants can naturally just take care of one another. But that’s only possible if they’re all growing in the right environment! Before you get planting, take a walk in your area, and figure out which plants are naturally growing in the wild. Those plants will be the easiest to grow in your own food forest and won’t need you to take care of them too much, so go with something that works for your environment! 

#3: Get planting! 

Now that you’ve figured out what you need and have your plant list ready, all you have to do is prep your soil according to each of the plants you’ve chosen, layer them in a way that works for the garden overall, and get planting! After that, all you need to do is make sure you’re providing appropriate amounts of water, and the food forest will grow and thrive in no time! 

Let the food forest do the work!

If you have lots of space around your home, there’s nothing better than a food forest. They require a little bit of thinking and effort in the start, but eventually, as they grow, they become self-sufficient and take care of each other! So you can get high-yielding crops that need minimal effort to grow! 

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